The One Man Business Model – How You Can Make $5M With Your Personal Brand

Are you tired of the 9-5 grind and dreaming about starting your own business?

You’re not alone.

The idea of becoming a solopreneur, someone who runs their business single-handedly, is more appealing than ever.

One such solopreneur who has achieved remarkable success is Justin Welsh, the founder of a portfolio of one-person internet businesses that have achieved a revenue of $5M. This article will explore Justin’s journey and provide insights into how he built a successful personal brand and achieved these impressive earnings.

Justin Welsh – The Diversified Solopreneur

Justin Welsh’s story is a powerful testament to the potential of the solopreneur business model. Prior to embarking on his solo journey, Justin was the SVP of Sales at a fast-growing startup in LA called PatientPop. He had spent four years growing the business from zero revenue to over $50M in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR). However, by early 2018, the stress of managing a $50M department and a team of 150+ people began to take its toll, culminating in a massive panic attack in December of that year.

The Turnaround

In the wake of this life-altering event, Justin decided it was time for a change. He announced his intention to step down from his position at PatientPop and began laying the groundwork for his own consulting business. He didn’t know where his customers would come from, but he had seven months to figure it out.

Recognising the potential of LinkedIn as a platform for connecting with prospective clients, Justin began writing about his journey building PatientPop. His insightful content quickly attracted attention and allowed him to build a small following of 20K people. By August 2019, he had launched his consulting business, closing $40K in customers on the very first day.

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The Transition to a Solopreneur

As his LinkedIn audience grew, Justin started receiving private messages from people who were more interested in learning how he was growing his following and turning those followers into customers than in his sales and marketing expertise. Recognizing this trend, he decided to pivot and lean into the demand for social media guidance.

In 2020, Justin released his first digital course, The LinkedIn Playbook, priced at $50. He sold about 1,500 copies in a year, providing him with his first taste of the potential of digital products. Encouraged by the positive feedback from his customers and driven by the increasing demand for social media guidance and new courses, Justin decided to go all-in on social media.

Building a Solopreneur Empire

Justin’s portfolio of one-person businesses is centred around knowledge products that help other solopreneurs and entrepreneurs leverage social media to build their businesses online. He has two flagship products: The LinkedIn Operating System and The Content Operating System. The first is a digital course that teaches people how to leverage the power of LinkedIn to build an audience of customers. The second takes students behind the scenes of his content creation process. Each course is priced at $150 and they generate an average of $80K and $45K in monthly revenue, respectively.

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In addition to these digital courses, Justin also offers newsletter sponsorships and a subscription email and occasionally does coaching, advising, and speaking engagements. By the end of 2022, his business had generated over $1.7M in revenue and was projected to make closer to $2.5M in 2023.

The $5 Million Milestone

Fast forward to today, Justin’s businesses have grown exponentially, with his personal brand now generating a total revenue of $5M, far surpassing the projected $2.5M.

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This remarkable achievement is a testament to Justin’s ability to leverage his personal brand and social media presence to create successful one-person businesses.

The Keys To Success

Justin’s journey illustrates several key principles that can be applied by aspiring solopreneurs:

  1. Leverage Social Media: Justin’s success can be largely attributed to his strategic use of social media platforms, particularly LinkedIn and Twitter. By sharing valuable content and advice, he was able to build a large following and attract potential customers.
  2. Identify a Niche Market: Justin spotted a demand for knowledge on leveraging social media to build businesses and pivoted his business to meet this demand. Identifying a niche market and meeting its specific needs can be a successful strategy for solopreneurs.
  3. Create Quality Digital Products: Justin’s digital courses are the core of his business. By focusing on creating high-quality, valuable courses, he was able to attract students and generate substantial revenue.
  4. Build a Personal Brand: Justin’s personal brand played a significant role in his success. By sharing his journey and expertise, he was able to establish trust and credibility with his audience, which in turn led to greater customer loyalty and engagement.
  5. Adapt and Evolve: Justin’s business journey involved several pivots, from sales and marketing consulting to providing social media guidance and digital courses. This flexibility allowed him to adapt to market demands and seize new opportunities.


Justin Welsh’s journey from a stressed executive to a successful solopreneur demonstrates the potential of the one-person business model. By leveraging social media, identifying a niche market, creating quality digital products, building a strong personal brand, and being willing to adapt and evolve, he has built a portfolio of one-person businesses generating $5M in revenue. His story serves as an inspiration and a roadmap for others looking to break free from the 9-5 grind and build a successful business on their own terms.

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